Brogborough Lake – Terms & Conditions

All members will swim in groups, no one is permitted to swim on their own. This has a zero tolerance policy, if caught swimming alone you will be asked to leave, and membership cancelled without question.

All members will wear a brightly coloured swim hat.

All members will swim in a line down/across to the buoys and avoid swimming close to the edge (other than that of where you enter/exit) or near any fishermen.

All members will be insured to swim through club insurance or individual insurance, and a copy will be provided.

All members will follow all rules and regulations, otherwise they will have their membership revoked.

All members swim at their own risk, the lake is not lifeguarded.

All members park/leave belongings at their own risk.

The administrator and any staff of Brogborough Lake, Brogborough Boardsailing Club, and Tiffen Endless Summer shall not be liable to any member, or to any person using the club premises or property for, or by, any act, neglect, default, or negligence of any administrator or servant, employee or agent of the club.

All such persons using the club, lake, or property of the club, or making use of any of the conveniences or facilities provided, shall be deemed to do so at their own risk.

Further Information

If at anytime any club members are on the property without the clubhouse being open, please close the gate behind you. This just means that when people are in the water and no staff are there to watch who’s driving in, it’s for safety of belongings/cars etc, to stop unwanted visitors driving in. Obviously when the club house is open, there is someone to monitor that.

Showers are not included in the price of membership.  We know very few members use shower facilities, so it’s unfair to include it in the cost and make everyone pay for a service they don’t use.  Showers are 50p for those who do use them. The club runs on trust, and we hope those using the showers are honest enough to contribute towards them. If this doesn’t work, then we will unfortunately have to add it to the cost of membership.