Run Training

We operate a 4-week training programme followed by a hot-lap week. Although we should not all expect to post a faster time on every occasion that we run the Hot Lap, in the mid term to long we would all hope to be seeing some form of progression in our training translated as a reduced run time over 5km assuming that we are targeting that distance as opposed to longer distances. The Hot Lap can therefore act as a bench mark for progression also offering a semi-competitive opportunity to run at threshold level (or probably above due to the nature of the course) over a fixed distance which counts as high quality training. Doing this kind of training year round is invaluable and will give you all an advantage once the season kicks in. We operate a handicap format, where all but the first starter has someone to reel in and, as we have seen, the format allows for some terrific racing with completely unpredictable results! Therefore, please all make sure you try to participate as often as you can for the training benefit and, you never know, there could be a bottle of wine and a trophy in it come the awards!

Overall. the body adapts to the stress of training during the recovery or taper process only and therefore, with much of our training under the stress of previous activities, you cannot expect to perform better each time out. After a recovery week, however, the body will adapt to the previous training load and this is when you can expect to perform better (supercompensation).


During the winter season we usually take part in the Chiltern Cross Country League. Further information will be posted at the start of the season.

Points are scored based on where you finish. There is a limit to the number of runners in each team/age group who can count, but usually everyone who runs for the club has a good chance of scoring points.

Social Runs

Members usually gather for a social in Rushmere/Stockgrove at 8:00am on the first Saturday of each month. We meet in the car park and have a brief warm-up before setting off. This is a led session (not coached) which usually lasts about an hour. The run is almost completely off-road, so spikes are an option. Members like to have coffee and a cake at the café afterwards. Parking costs £2.