The LB Triathlon

The LB Triathlon | 07•07•2018

A fantastic introduction to the triathlon world for kids aged 8-16, the LBTriathlon is now in its 6th year.

Set within the confines of Tiddenfoot Leisure Centre, Mentmore Road, Leighton Buzzard, LU7 2AF, this Triathlon England Eastern Regional race features a pool based swim, and bike and run legs that are safe and away from any traffic.

With distances and separate start times to suit each age group,  your kid(s) will have great fun at a very friendly event.

 COST: £20** for your first child / £15** for each additional child


**All entrants require a British Triathlon Race Day Licence that covers insurance. £1 for 16 years and under.

Age Groups & Distances


Tri Starts (8 years)

Swim: 50m • Bike: 800m • Run: 600m

Tri Star 1 (9 & 10 years)

Swim: 100m • Bike: 1600m • Run: 1200m

Tri Star 2 (11 & 12 years)

Swim: 200m • Bike: 4000m • Run: 1800m

Tri Star 3 (13 & 14 years)

Swim: 300m • Bike: 5600m • Run: 2400m

Youths (15 & 16 years)

Swim: 300m • Bike: 6400m • Run: 3000m

Ages as at the 31st December 2018


Please contact us if you would like to sponsor our event.