The last few weeks has seen round 3 and 4 of the club championships

Bedford saw a good turn out for a club favourite race with some strong racing by all members

Andrew Screech lead the men home in an impressive 1hr 12 Mins followed closely by Nick Taylor Komar and then Mark Sweeny

Diane Sandover or Mary Irongran lead the ladies home in 1 hr 27 followed by Jo Parker in 1hr 38 mins followed closely by Gill Sharman and Gaynor Wallace


Name Time Cat Points Time Cat Points
Andrew Screech 1.12.38 v 750 Diane Sandover 1.27.54 v 750
Nick Taylor Komar 1.14.02 v 713 Jo Parker 1.38.00 v 713
Mark Sweeny 1.21.42 v 677 Gill Sharman 1.41.54 v 677
Geoff Parker Naples 1.21.52 s 643 Gaynor Wallace 1.42.33 v 643
Mark Wilcock 1.25.39 s 611
Glen Tritton 1.30.11 v 580
Nigel Wilmott 1.35.41 v 551
Simon Pratt 1.36.31 v 524
Dvid Allen 1.38.00 v 498


Last weekend saw round 4 with the Stowe Olympic race with those racing facing some challenging conditions

Chris Leech lead the men home dipping under the 3 hr mark and winning his age group  followed by Rob Owen in 3:12

And Diane Sandover the only lady racing winning her age group in 3.35 mins

Name Time Cat Points Time Cat Points
Chris Leech 2.58.32 v 750 Diane Sandover 3.35.46 v 750
Rob Owen 3.12.39 v 713
Steve Goodlad 3.23.25 v 677
Daniel Scott 3.43.56 v 643
Mark Wilcock 3.47.42 s 611


This leaves the club champs getting very exciting

In the Mens it very close for the top 3 places

Andrew Screech 1463
Chris Leech 1427
Rob Owen 1426


In the ladies we have a clear leader

Diane Sandover 1500
Chloe Adkins 750
Marianne Lee 750