Leighton Buzzard Triathlon Club Training Protocol

For club organised activities


  • Arrive before the start of session
  • Bring relevant equipment
  • Bring suitable clothing for before, during and after the session
  • Bring adequate drinks and food where appropriate

All sessions are run by qualified club coaches. At the start of each session the coach will give a briefing and indicate any safety points to be aware of.  If you have any medical condition which could affect you during a training session, you must inform the coach at the beginning of each club training session.  Any accident that does occur, no matter how minor, must be reported to the coach and recorded in the accident book.


  • Follow the swimming pool rules.
  • Members must not enter the water until the appropriate number of coaches or lifeguards are present for all swim sessions and permission is given.
  • Do not dive in at the shallow end.

Swim Lane Etiquette

  • Ensure you are in a lane for your ability and speed.
  • Swim in an anti or clockwise direction as appropriate.
  • Leave a five second gap between swimmers.
  • Allow faster swimmers through at the end of a set.
  • If you are getting caught you should either drop down the order in the group or move into a slower lane.
  • Have consideration for others in the lane and pool.

Open Water Swimming

  • In open water members must make themselves aware of all specific dangers relating to the chosen location.
  • Members must take their own appropriate safety precautions and ensure reasonable safety cover is in place
  • Always wear a bright swim cap.
  • If you are nervous, or it is your first time in open water, inform the coach prior to entering the water.
  • It is recommended that any cuts or wounds are covered with a waterproof dressing.


  • Helmets must be worn
  • Cyclists must obey the Highway Code and be courteous to other road users.
  • Bikes must be well maintained and in a roadworthy condition.
  • You must wear (or carry) appropriate clothing for the potential weather conditions and length of ride.
  • You should carry with you:-
  • Spare inner tube and puncture repair kit
  • Pump
  • Drink & food appropriate to the length of the ride
  • Money


  • Have due regard for pedestrians and other users of roads, footpaths and bridleways and any other users of the land, especially farmers.
  • Wear appropriate clothing for the potential weather conditions and length of run.


  • Members must obey all rules relating to the event they are competing in and compete in a sportsman-like manner

Club Organised Events

Members are welcome to compete in events organised by the Club but must provide a replacement volunteer. Contact the relevant race organiser prior to entering.