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The Sports Therapy Room

The Sports Therapy Room provide voluntary biweekly poolside massage advice and treatments at Tiddenfoot for well over a year.

This is something we are happy to provide for all Tri club members as we strongly believe that it is an essential part of fitness and training.

The increased demands on your body from training and striving to improve needs consideration by you of your muscles and posture in order to recover quickly, prevent possible injury and improve muscle tone generally.

After initial assessment at poolside we can provide what we would call a short “first aid” treatment. It would not be the full story of what Sports therapy / clinical massage can achieve, though many members have been helped and positively improved. 

We will also provide rehabilitation exercises which are vital to enhance your treatment before returning to pool – Carmel Gosbee

We realise that your time in the pool for training is precious; however your coaches are happy for you to take time out to deal with any muscle related problems if it is interfering with your training.

Best wishes

Carmel & Dave


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