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Monday’s – 7.30pm
Running Interval Sessions at Stantonbury Running Track

Thursday’s – 7.45pm
Running Training at Tiddenfoot Leisure Centre

Thursday’s – 9.00pm
Swim Training at Tiddenfoot Leisure Centre

Friday’s – 6.30pm
Yoga at Mentmore Pavillion

Saturday’s – 7.30am
Casual Run Group – Tesco Car Park

Sunday’s – 8.30am
Cycling – Tiddenfoot Leisure Centre

Please check our Facebook Group to check availability of sessions and to indicate if you would like to attend. If you are new and would like to attend please contact us.


Almost six years since I joined the club to work on my swimming so I could tackle a Half distance, moving to Cornwall means it’s time to say goodbye. I’ve loved my time with the club and got to know many more folk in that time than in my previous 13 years in the town. In my work I help sports National Governing Bodies increase participation and LBTri ticks all the boxes of what a recreational sports club should be: welcoming, inclusive and focused on making sport accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Thanks to you all for your company and encouragement over the years and especially the coaches who make it happen!

Mark Sweeney

LB Tri is a very welcoming club who cater for all abilities. They have helped me achieve my original goals and a lot more since.

Michael Banks

About 4 years ago I was overtaken whilst riding my bike up a hill in Leighton. By a runner!. I saw the black and green and asked him what the club was – and he suggested I come along. He was really welcoming and even though I could barely swim (or cycle, clearly!) I gave it a go. Six triathlons and numerous other challenges later I’m still a member. Still enjoying it. So come on in – the water’s lovely!

David Allen

Fantastic, friendly club which caters for all levels of triathletes. Regular coached swim, bike, run sessions, as well as strength & conditioning, yoga, and plenty more stuff besides. What’s not to like?

Colin Bradley

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Carmels Copenhagen Ironman Report, for the hell if it!😄

Ironman – I hadn’t even heard of such a thing, until I joined tri club…I know…I always say, ..’you wouldn’t want me on your quiz team’.

Ironman Maastricht

As soon as I had completed Ironman Austria in 2016 I knew straight away I wanted to do another one, although I am pretty sure I said to Kathryn at about mile 20 of the run Austria I was never doing another effing Ironman 😀 Kirsten my very understanding wife made it...

All for a Tattoo

Written from my Leighton Fun Runners point of view... Ironman Copenhagen was my first (and last I hasten to add) Ironman. 10 years ago when I joined the club I heard about Ironman from Joe Hurley and Tom May, the only two at the time that 'did them'. I remember...